Sunday, March 21, 2010

Still making progress on the doily, though I took a few days off. Here it is with 35 rounds completed, and 14.75 hours elapsed.

Sunburst Pineapple doily

I have five rounds left. Then each point is worked separately, followed by three rounds of single crochet worked around the entire thing. It's going to take a while.

I do like how the zigzags look, though!


Joan said...

That's amazing. I crochet with thread but never have with sewing thread. It's beautiful!

Karen said...

It's very beautiful. I think it's amazing how even the stitches are, especially since you are using sewing thread.

PJ said...

It says the 'photo is currently unavailable' , but I know it would have made me melt! I noticed the last comment...I'm getting these as well (even with the word verification)!! I guess all we can do is report them..I've contacted blogger before, but you never get responses... it's all URG. Anyway, I'll come back and see if your pic is up!