Friday, April 16, 2010

Ode to a Virus

O rice bag, how I adore your heat,
To chase the fever chills,
And Tylenol, thou art a magic pill,
To cool me from one-oh-three.
The headache's throb,
And the grinding-bone ache,
Conspire to keep me limp,
Unable to read,
To blink,
To think,
And my pillow is stuffed with rocks.


Yeah, it's been a fun couple days.

Apparently I was in tears last night, because Naia (my cat) said he was going to get me some Tylenol, but then never came back. I have no memory of the conversation with Shaun, during which I think I did get some medicine, but I quite clearly remember Naia telling me he was going to get the Tylenol. He had a nice voice, very deep and soothing.


katie said...

aw, poor sue! not that we're not sympathetic at this state of affairs, but i have to say this little scenario has both Dave and I Laughing Out Loud. for real.

hope you're feeling better.


Kris said...

Feel better soon. :-)

cyndy said...

Hope you are feeling better ...I can soooo relate..having just been down with a bug and starting to be able to return to daily tasks...

on the bright side, you write marvelous poetry even when you feel bad!