Friday, November 12, 2010

I did a little canning this fall, though not as much as I would have liked.  Shockingly, I didn't make a bit of jam.  Since I still have an adequate (roughly, oh, five year?) supply of jam in the pantry, I think we'll survive.  However, since I bought ten pounds of cucumbers at the last Farmer's Market, I did make pickles!

This is seven quarts of cucumber dill slices.  I got this bug in my brain that I wanted crinkle-cut slices for these pickles, and bought a mandoline.  I've wanted one for years, and finally just went ahead and got one, already.  Plus, the mandoline makes quick work of thin-sliced potatoes, which I hate doing.

When I made the sliced pickles, I kept back the smallest cukes and used them to make two quarts of whole baby dills.  And finally, as an experiment, I made three quarts and two pints of zucchini dill spears and chunks, out of an absolutely enormous zucchini that a friend gave me.  All those zucchini pickles are from one zuccini.

I tucked all these pickles away in the pantry for a month to let them ripen and cure.  Emma and I cracked open one of the jars of the whole cucumber pickles today, and YUM!   Crunchy and fantastic!  Can't wait to try the rest!


PJ said...

somehow those pics are making my mouth water :)

Leigh said...

Good job Sue! They look great!