Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am very very tired.

The following has happened over the past week and half:  Emma had the monster flu with high fever for six days, then she was feeling better for approximately 11 hours except for residual violent phlegmy coughing, then she got a monster ear infection with high fever for three days.

She hardly ate.  She hardly moved.  She watched way too much TV.  She lay on the couch and whimpered pitifully.  She required a cold washcloth on her forehead every 30 minutes during the flu.  She required a warm ricebag on her sore ear every 30 minutes during the ear infection.  She required drinks. She required different drinks with ice.  She required new drinks without ice because it was too cold.  She required backrubs.  She required different pillows because hers were too flat/hard/scratchy/puffy/hot/lumpy/suffocating.  She required more blankets because she was cold.  She required fewer blankets because she was too hot.  She had to be carried to the bathroom because her legs were too wobbly.  Tylenol tastes "just awful" and requires a pitiful weak crying fit.  Amoxycillin tastes "horrible and gross" and precipitates a dramatic meltdown.  She had to sleep in my bed because hers was too lonely and cold.

Today she was better, and actually went to school.

I need a vacation.


Rachel said...

After reading this, I'm thinking I need to thank my mom profusely for taking care of me while sick!

I'm glad she is feeling better and maybe you can now get some rest.

I keep meaning to message you a thank you for offering me the chance to test knit that beautiful skein of yarn! I've wound it all up and hope to cast on sometime in the next few weeks. I saw how it was knitting up with Anne's wondering how it will work with socks. I don't abuse my handknit socks so maybe it'll be worth a try. Thanks again! Hope to see you at knit-night sometime over the next few weeks.

rustyconc said...

Go super-mom.
I see our future.

Anne said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it. I'm so glad Emma is feeling better, it could not have been any fun for her either. Hope to see you at knit night next week. I've been spinning! Go take a nap.

Chris said...

Perhaps a vacation in a Sue-customized spa, with excellent bird watching in a comfortable chair with great binoculars, while someone brings you beverages & gourmet snacks; alternating with knitting in a comfortable chair, while someone brings you beverages & gourmet snacks and you sit by a fireplace &/or big screen TV....

Glad to hear that Emma is feeling better! Hope you at least can relax for half an hour with a nice cup of tea!


PJ said...

What a wonderful mom! The vacation is...that you don't get sick!!!!