Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have something to show you.

Even more rotund...

That, my friends, is a very full Kuchulu.  Yes, that is my Kuchulu somewhere in that ball of singles.  Yikes!

I may have taken this personal challenge of mine, high yardage on a Kuchulu, just a wee bit far.

This is the last of the Bunny Patch Fibers merino/angora top from New Hues Handspuns.  I was spinning merrily along, and when I paused to evaluate how full the spindle was getting vs. how much fiber remained, I decided that there really wasn't that much left to spin.  So I might as well just carry on and finish it off, right?

Turns out there was a bit more than I thought, but of course once that notion entered my brain it wouldn't leave.  Personal challenge, you know.  Sooooo, I had to see if I could get the rest on the spindle.


I kept wrapping and wrapping, eventually just going around and around when I ran out of room on the arms to do the typical turkish spindle winding pattern.  No arms visible this time!

So how much was it?  I got 725 yards of singles on the Kuchulu!  Great googly moogly...

All spun

Those are the three spindlefuls.  Left to right, I had 16 grams (465 yards), 18 grams (524 yards), and 25 grams (725 yards).  The color in the singles was beautifully variegated, ranging from deep forest green through light sage, with occasional patches of greeny-teal and greeny-brown.  These pictures don't do it justice, the color is hard to capture.

I wound a plying ball yesterday,

Ready to go!

and finished the plying today.  It took a looooonnnngggg time to ply.  I'm feeling it in my shoulders now.

But then it was done.  And I was sad.  No more spinning to do for this fiber.

All plied up...

The finished yarn is beautiful.  It's 59 grams (2 oz.), and I have 817 yards of lovely soft fine green yarn to play with.

Finished yarn!


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