Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today was the kind of day when the question "How's it goin'?", asked just-in-passing in the hallway at work, feels like a trick question.

It's a conversation filler, really, the same as saying "Hey!" or "Good morning!" (another trick question, by the way- maybe your morning is good...), and while I know the socially acceptable response is "Fine", I really struggle with it lately.

Things are so completely Not Fine with me right now that when the "How's it goin'?" is tossed my way I have to stop myself from giving a true answer, which would be Too Much Information and not what the passing coworker wants to know in any case.  They are just saying good morning, not really asking how things in my life are going today.

I suppose I could say something to the effect of "Well, I got out of bed this morning, so I guess that's one point to me."

Instead I just say "Fine."


Cathy said...

"Fine" is better than a surly snarl in response.

I know whereof you speak and why it's a struggle to respond casually.


PJ said...

Isn't it true how we do this. Many times I feel like that, but in my head I think 'you REALLY don't want to know' You know the people who DO want to know though! I don't want to pass as rude, but that is why I really don't care if the cash register person (insert- wherever-) asks me how I'm doing or not...rather he/she don't.