Monday, January 02, 2012


Why do I suddenly like tea?  I have never liked hot drinks in general, and most tea was too tongue-curlingly bitter for me, even with the masking effects of sugar.  Mint tea with honey when I had a sore throat was about the only hot drink I would ever want.

Now, suddenly, I find myself reaching for a mug of tea more and more.  Usually not anything with caffeine, because it makes me jittery, but I find that I'm really appreciating a warm mug of herbal tea recently.  The exception to the no-caffeine rule is when I've had an insomniac night and feel like crawling under my desk at work for a nap by 10:00 am.  Then the full strength Earl Grey with a little sugar really hits the spot.

Mint (dried from my garden) is probably still my favorite so far, but I recently tried Tension Tamer from Celestial Seasonings, and it is very nice.  I think it even helped me sleep better that night.  If there's anything I need in my life, it's something to tame the tension.  I've also enjoyed black tea with mint, mint-lemon, peach, cherry, and raspberry blends from various brands, as well as Passion and Wild Sweet Orange from Tazo.  The Sleepytime was OK, but I don't think I'm a fan of that much chamomile. 

I have a whole stash of tea (Ha! Stash- get it?) that I've accumulated, mostly bought for (or by) guests, that has been languishing in my cupboard.  I'm working my way through the taste-testing.

Tea.  Me?  Who knew!

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