Sunday, February 19, 2012

TA  DA!  A major milestone was accomplished at 10:30 last night.  I finished spinning the singles of my 4-oz braid of Fiber Optic "Catamaran" merino/bamboo top!

All spun up!

I can't believe it's done.  I'm excited to see the finished yarn but also sad, because I so thoroughly enjoyed spinning this.  I started at the end of August, and it took a long time because I spun the fiber ridiculously fine and mostly had it as a travel project.  It was on the go for almost exactly six months.  The bulk of these singles were spun at our weekly Crafty Night at Anne's house.

I'll be plying these on my wheel tomorrow, and am plotting to weave a scarf/stole/shawl with the finished yarn.  Length and width will be determined based on available yardage.  I was debating about adding beads to the yarn while plying, but I think I'll forgo that and add beads only to the fringe of the finished piece since I want the yarn to take front stage.

So that was how I ended my birthday.  The rest of the day was equally lovely, spent in the company of good friends.  (I am truly blessed to have a friend like Anne.  And don't forget Rachel and Meg! Thank you!)  Anne took me and Emma out to lunch and then we went to another lampwork bead class.  Emma had to tag along and I set her up in an adjacent room with clay, drawing supplies, and snacks.  I was worried that the whining quotient was going to be high during the 4-hour class, but there was NOT ONE BIT of complaining.  (I am truly blessed to have a daughter like Emma.  Thanks sweetie, that was the best birthday present ever!)

I made another lovely pile of beads:

bead class

I concentrated on making sets this time, and smaller beads that will be made into earrings or necklace/earring sets.  I started off with some purple,

bead class

and did a couple variations of blue spotty ones,

bead class

a cute little pair of clear with blue bumps,

bead class

plain blue (rounds and flats) with a bumpy blue and white focal,

bead class

and a teal and white set.

bead class

Making glass beads is so much fun.  It was a wonderful birthday.


aknitter said...

Your beads are amazing.. Your TINY singles are astounding, and YOU rock!. What a fun day we had. Today we spent dying yarn. Show and tell at Crafty Night this week!

PJ said...

Happy belated birthday to you!!! I'm 41 as well...and boy oh boy...the same feelings I have..I hear ya' great you were not love the blue and white beads!

Rachel said...

Your spinning is so inspirational...something to strive for! ;)

I wish I could have made lunch...but glad your birthday was such a great day (and better than last year!). Anne is a very good friend to have.