Thursday, February 16, 2012

new dyed yarn!

Yesterday I took the plunge into becoming a wholesale yarn supplier.  My little local fabric/yarn store is now going to be carrying several varieties of my hand dyed yarn, as well as some of my handspun.

new dyed yarn!

She put in an order yesterday, which I will deliver on Saturday.  We’ll see how it goes, over the course of the next couple months.

new dyed yarn!

Wholesale obviously doesn’t pay as much to me as selling retail on my own, but it balances out because I don’t have to do the whole photographing/listing/advertising/shipping thing that I would if I listed all these skeins individually on Etsy. (But I am still going to be on Etsy!)  And a large check all at once will be nice, too.

new dyed yarn!

Eek!  Me! In a yarn shop!

new dyed yarn!


katie said...

that's pretty freaking awesome!

Claire said...

ohhh good luck :-)

aknitter said...

What a color-fest!!!! Good for you!

cyndy said...

Wonderful! Congrats!

Beautiful YARNs!!

Rachel said...

So glad you took this next step!

But I'm ignoring the pictures on this post and the fact that your yarn is in the shop...I already have a big order placed with you...I don't need more tempting! ;)