Monday, March 26, 2012

Whee! A nice big box arrived today!

Normal-sized cat provided for scale.  Sorry for the blurry cat-head, Coco wouldn't leave the box alone or stand still... apparently this box is SO EXCITING, and Coco was required to climb it and head-butt it and generally run around like a crazy kitty.

It's amazing that while the box is fairly big, it doesn't look too huge.  Neither did what was inside, until I took it out.  Then the fiber magically expanded into a volume approximately twice as large as the box.  It might have gone bigger, but I panicked and stuffed it back in the box.  I'm home alone at the moment, and if I were engulfed in the expanding cloud of merino top there would be no one to rescue me. When Shaun brought Emma home later this afternoon, all they would find would be a living room full of wool with giggling sounds coming from somewhere in its depths.

What I found most amusing about this package, though, was the sticker that was carefully affixed near the shipping label.


aknitter said...

Nice picture, you buried under a pile of lovely wool, giggling!

Rachel said...

OH MY. no i don't want any. no i don't want any. no i don't want any.

i could see you buried under fiber giggling like a lunatic. i could see anne doing that too. me, though, i'm too refined for such shenanigans. ;)

cyndy said...

Looks like hours of fun are in store for you ;-)