Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Today's excitement?  Giant hail.

giant hail

For approximately 1 minute this afternoon, as the thunderstorm was boiling over the hillside, we had a downpour of giant hail.

I've never seen hail this big.  It was awesome.  Of course, being the smart people that we are, Emma and I were out running around the yard looking at the hailstones.

giant hail

Let me tell you, it hurts to get clunked on the head with a 2-inch ball of ice falling out of the sky!


aknitter said...

You were braver than I was... I wanted to go out and pick some up to take pictures, but it sounded so scary hitting the tin roof on my carport that I didn't dare for fear of a concussion!!

PJ said... dangerous is that! Colorado sees their share for sure. The weather is just crazy all across the country! ..but it IS exciting to see ;)

Julene said...

Err, hi! I just re-discovered your blog in my folder of spinning bookmarks, and I have spent the last +/- hour or so reading about your and your daughter's spinning and dyeing and geocaching adventures!
(Okay, I've retyped this comment three times now, trying to figure out what I want to say, so I'll stick with the above)
Hugs from a spinner from Ky!