Sunday, November 18, 2012

Emma's been dropping hints recently about things she wants for Christmas.  Normal stuff like the new Tinkerbell movie, a horse, any and all Pokemon cards, a kitten, beads, or Wii games. I've told her a couple times to write it down, and that Santa and I would see what we could do.

This morning she was rattling off her list again, and the first thing she said?

"A happy family together on Christmas."

That sound was my heart. Breaking.


heather said...

this is one of the parenting toughies. i remember doing the same thing to my mom back in the 70s and my 10 year old son has thrown me the same curve. he is what i did (thnks to my loving mom and how she handled it)after i had the (age appropriate) emotional heart to heart about how things had to be.i believe in honesty. i began to redefine "together"for christmas. we drew pictures of us on christmas morning for the fridge. we made picture ornaments for the tree. i documented all the me and him times associated with christmas.(grandparents and friends too)i know it didnt take the place of his dad,but it helped him to feel good about what he did have. hope it helps! your a great mom and you have a great daughter. those blessings are forever :)

kt said...

yes, I've been thinking about this too lately, thinking about all this.

PJ said...

ahh, hon..I know the exact feeling. My son (16yr old) is open about his feelings..'well, mom another thanksgiving alone just you and me' yup, your might as well get the dust pan out and toss the pieces of my heart in the trash! Your friend above is right...make some new's gonna look different and in the end 'that's okay' and I trust that just keep sharing feelings are the best way to go!