Saturday, December 01, 2012

I had a very odd moment this morning, after watching episodes of MI-5 and Doctor Who on Netflix and then going to the grocery store.  I wondered why everyone was speaking with an accent.  Then I realized that no, I am in fact in the United States, and people here are supposed to sound like that.

People in La Grande, Oregon, USA do not speak like people in London, UK. Or aliens in the far reaches of the galaxy heard through the TARDIS translator that is linked to someone with what sounds like a northern British accent but isn't because lots of planets have a "north".  (It's complicated.)

It's entirely possible that I've been watching too many BBC shows on Netflix.


Rachel said...

nope, i'd disagree. you can never watch too much BBC. Now. You can get too little sleep and have too much stress and similar things may happen. ;)

heather said...

i pay for netflix just so i can watch british mysteries! never to much bbc :)