Saturday, December 15, 2012

The scene:
Emma and a friend are watching a show on TV, which has Mom-approved content.  Then an ad for a slightly more mature teenager-y show comes on, featuring a scantily clad 16ish year old girl singing with her trendy band.

The conversation I overheard:

Emma: "Wow, look at what she's wearing!"

Friend:  "I know!"

(Here, I mentally groan and roll my eyes.  Trashy flashy wins again...)

Emma:  "I like the color of her scarf, but her other clothes are completely inappropriate."

Friend:  "Yeah it's so tight, how can she even dance? And she's probably cold."

(Hey, maybe there's hope after all!  And I love that Emma actually said "completely inappropriate".)

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Anonymous said...

You're raising your daughter to think with maturity and wisdom! Good job!