Sunday, February 03, 2013

A list:

pick up various clutter from living room floor
    (ask Emma to pick up her room)
vacuum entire house
first load of laundry
remove orphan clean dishes from dishwasher
load dishwasher and run it
    (tell Emma to pick up her room)
dust living room
second load of laundry
empty dishwasher
    (send Emma to her room to pick up)
clean my bathroom
no, CLEAN my bathroom, even the corners and the grout
third load of laundry
clean two aquaria
    (quickmarch Emma back to her room and watch her start picking up)
clean two litterboxes
fourth load of laundry
take out the trash
take out the recycling
    (high-five Emma as I walk past her room and see progress)
clean the stove
no, CLEAN the stove, even the nasty sticky grease in the hood vent screen
fifth load of laundry
declutter the counter by the back door
    (gigantic smooshy hugs for Emma and her clean room)
go out to dinner

I feel like I actually accomplished something today.


aknitter said...

I'm tired just reading this! GOOD JOB...nothing like a clean house.

PJ said...

going OUT to dinner well deserved!