Thursday, March 14, 2013

One good thing about switching over to Daylight Savings Time is that it's still light after work now, which totally makes up for the lost hour and dark mornings.  Today Emma and I took off on a quick geology hike.

She's been all about rocks lately, and I thoroughly encourage her interest in anything science-y.  Her class is doing a unit on geology in school, she went to a two-hour free workshop at the library last weekend, and she's still going strong, so I bought her a real field guide to rocks and minerals yesterday.  She inhaled almost the entire book last night, and packed her "field kit" in her geocaching backpack.  Check: field guide, notebook, 3 pencils, collecting bags, hammer and chisel (both wooden and fairly useless, but she likes them), and safety goggles. 

Record keeping is important!

We walked down the river road at Hilgard Junction State Park.  We've been here before, and we revisited the geocache just for fun.  While we didn't see any orchids today, we did get to stomp on the remaining snow and check out the lichens and moss and ROCKS!  We also saw a very cold and sluggish rubber boa, the first snake I've seen so far this year.

Emma had a grand old time looking at the rocks.


It was a lovely day today, with a temperature of 68 degrees!  No coats necessary!

Looking at the cliff.

And she successfully identified basalt.  Mission accomplished!

Identified some basalt!

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Gina said...

Wow, she seems so mature! I'm still reading occasionally, thinking about you guys! GTR from Raisingfrolic