Thursday, April 18, 2013

I traded my not-smart phone for an iPhone last December when my contract was up for renewal, and I just discovered the coolest thing.  If I take a picture on my phone, it automatically uploads straight to my computer!

Sigh, I know.  I am clearly not worthy of an iPhone.  I can't believe it took me four months to figure this out.  This has to have something to do with {{The Cloud}}.  A subfolder called "My Photo Stream" mysteriously appeared in the "My Pictures" folder on my computer, containing all my phone pictures.  I didn't create this folder or change any settings on the computer, so it must have been something that {{The Cloud}} did automatically.  If it was something I did, I didn't do it knowingly...maybe it happened when I plugged the phone in to transfer music from iTunes.

I envision {{The Cloud}} as a giant swirling nebulosity of sparkly purple mist, containing the sum of human knowledge somewhere in a huge server farm building in California. It must be sentient, to know that I wanted my photos on my computer and my email and Kindle books on my phone.

I do not understand {{The Cloud}}.  I think it's smarter than me. 

But I like not having to go fetch the cable to transfer pictures off my phone.


aknitter said...

OK then, you are going to have to show this to me. I had no idea. I'd better go look to see if I have such a folder on my computer also.

PJ said... day. I continue with my dumb phone *sigh*