Monday, May 27, 2013

I seem to be on a roll with the house repairs this week.

In addition to the unclogged sink triumph of last weekend,

I also completely disassembled the front end of my vacuum cleaner and extracted the Lego that was rendering it inoperable,

I discovered a second breaker box on the outside back corner of my house and was successful in restoring electrical power to the outlets in my bathrooms, which have never worked since I've lived here,

and last but not least, I used a chisel to enlarge the recess and reset the latch plate that has never allowed the door to the loom room to close completely and latch.  It does now.

The discovery of the second breaker box completely floored me.  I have lived in this house for almost five years, and thought the breaker box in the garage was the only one.  Apparently not.

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