Thursday, July 04, 2013

I am so fed up with the whole fireworks-in-every-single-driveway-in-town thing. They have been going since last night. A full 24 hours of randomly timed BANGS that make me jump every time.  

Also, Emma had a sleepover last night. They were giggling until 11pm, then up at  5:30am. FIVE THIRTY AM!! This, from the girl that has trouble dragging herself out of bed at 7:30 on school days. So my day was tired from the start. I made myself overcome my antisocial tendancies enough to have dinner with my neighbors, and now we're sitting on the noisy and crowded football field waiting for the big town fireworks display to start. 

It's a good thing this is the last activity of the day, because I've filled my socializing quota and used up all my allotted noise-tolerance points for the next month. 

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