Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Last night I acquired a new kitchen toy.

New old toy...

This was GIVEN to me by my friend Anne.

I'll say that again:

She.  GAVE.  Me.  A.  KitchenAid.  Mixer.

This was her mom's mixer, passed along to Anne many years ago, but since Anne is in mega clean-out-her-house mode and getting rid of all the things she never uses, she passed it along to me.

I've drooled over KitchenAid stand mixers for many many years, but could never bring myself to spend the money.  I can't believe I have one in my kitchen.  It's old, it's solid, and it weighs a ton.  Plus, it came with TWO bowls, a splatter shield, and the wire whip, dough hook, and flat paddle attachments!  And a cover, not shown.

Anne, you rock.

Now I want to...

...however, I may wait until it's not 98 degrees out before I turn on the oven.


aknitter said...

So happy it now has a good home with someone who appreciates it! Someday you can pass it along to someone else. I'm pretty sure it's built to last more than a few lifetimes. It weighs enough!

Claire said...

yay!!!! I use my bench mixer for breadmaking several times a week and I love it.