Thursday, October 03, 2013

A couple days ago, I put a request out on my local Freecycle website to see if anyone had herbs in their garden that they weren't going to use before everything froze.

Today, I got a response.  "Come on over," she said, "I have some parsley and maybe some oregano."


Freecycle SCORE!

That, my friends, is a pound of oregano, a pound and a half of parsley, three and a half pounds of dill (OMG so much dill!), a pile of cucumbers, a zucchini, some peppers, two eggplants, and a handful of basil.

I didn't even know herbs could be measured in pounds.  Both dehydrators are full and I haven't even gotten to the parsley yet.

I love Freecycle.

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cyndy said...

Wonderful! I bet the kitchen smelled great!