Monday, October 14, 2013

I am on a slow-moving carousel of dire frustration, gnashing of teeth, and simmering anger.

Item #1:
I have an ex-husband who STILL has not cleaned all his stuff out of my garage (Shall we recap? He moved out two and a half years ago, divorce was final more than four months ago...) and has been saying that he will "take care of it" this week...after he gets paid...when he gets back from vacation...when he's not feeling ill...insert ProcrastinationTimeframeOfChoice.

Item #2:
I have a daughter who was all fired up to rearrange her room last week, and currently has the contents of her bookcases all over the floor, half her furniture and other movables piled in the loom room, and apparently zero desire to finish the job.

I hereby announce to the world that I am done being "nice".  By this weekend, I will be able to park in my garage and warp my loom.

BAM.  How about that.


aknitter said...

good job.... I'm guessing his stuff will get moved if it's sitting out in the rain....

katierizzio said...