Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A completed AND finished hardanger piece!

I finished off the hardanger from the end of January by inserting it into the lid of a box.

Finished hardanger box

I mounted the embroidery by lacing it and a piece of burgundy lining fabric around a thin layer of quilt batting and piece of foamcore (which came with the box).

Hardanger and lining fabric mounted by lacing.

The lining and hardanger were each laced separately, and the corners folded and sewn flat.

Finished hardanger box

The box is handmade (but not by me!), and I'm very happy with the quality.  It has a magnetic catch, is well constructed and finished, and is lined with burgundy velvet.  The embroidery is held in place in the lid with a pressure-fit backing board.

Finished hardanger box

I am very pleased with this project.


Suz said...

Your work is incredible, Sue. That box is so perfect for your stunning piece. Great finished finish ;)

Anne said...

Beautiful!!! Your work is spectacular. Bring on the curtains.