Saturday, February 21, 2015

Edelweiss stitch

More progress on the doily-that-started-as-an-ornament:

Progress on the hardanger doily.

I've gotten to the fun part, and have been using my scissors! Yay!

You might notice that the configuration of the sides changed a little since the first picture I posted of this project. The spaces that used to have three small squares clustered together had the interior walls taken out, and are now the single inverted V-shaped spaces on either side, with woven bars, dove's eyes, and picots to echo the center openwork.  The larger side spaces balance out the multiple small "motif frames" better, I think, and go better with the large center space.

I'm not entirely sold on the clusters of three floating eyelets near the satin stitch motifs, so that's why I only did one side.  If I decide they're too busy I can take them out later, since they're just a pulled thread stitch with no cutting involved. When everything else is done, I'll compare the two sides and either stitch the rest or take out the ones that are there.

You might also notice that one of the motif frames has been filled, with an edelweiss stitch.  This is my favorite filler stitch, and I think that all the frames will be filled with edelweiss.  Maybe.  Maybe just the top and bottom rows.  Or maybe it will be more of a sampler look, with every frame different.  But edelweiss are just so pretty.

I haven't fully decided yet.  This project is obviously evolving as I go along.

The edelweiss stitch starts with cutting out all except the two middle threads from each side of the square frame.

Edelweiss stitch beginning

Then you needleweave in diagonal support bars, and work a whipped spider web (the round center of the flower) for about half the open space.  Then finish it off into the flower shape by working partial Greek crosses (the slanty bits) for the petal tips.

Edelweiss stitch

I haven't forgotten about the curtains (Anne!), but I want to finish this piece first.  :-)

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