Wednesday, February 11, 2015


So... I have a birthday coming up. And since I am currently obsessed with hardanger, and happened to pop over to the Nordic Needle website to "just browse around", I had to get myself a birthday present.

I got another pair of scissors... Dovo 3.5" Hardanger Scissors.  They're right in between my other two pairs, size-wise.

3 Claveles 2.75", Dovo 3.5" Hardanger, Dovo 4" Embroidery

I know, I know.  Another pair of scissors was not necessary.  But you GUYS. These scissors are amazing.

3 Claveles 2.75", Dovo 3.5" Hardanger, Dovo 4" Embroidery

I can't even describe how great these are.  I know I said that about the other pair of Dovos I just got, and they still totally are, but really... these are extra-special.

Here's a comparison of the tips. Tres Claveles on the left, Dovo Hardanger in the middle, and Dovo 4" regular on the right.

3 Claveles, Dovo 3.5" Hardanger, Dovo 4" Embroidery

The two Dovo scissors have blades with the same width and taper when viewed from the front, and they are both noticeably narrower than the Tres Claveles scissors.

However, do you see that horizontal line or ridge about halfway up the blade on the hardanger scissors? That's where the tips have been made even thinner for added maneuverability into the tiny holes between fabric threads.

Here's the side view.  See?

Dovo 3.5" Hardanger, Dovo 4" Embroidery

It doesn't seem like much of a thing, but it really does make a difference.

  • The tiny Tres Claveles pair are great at getting in tight spots and snipping a single thread at a time. 
  • The Dovo 4" Embroidery scissors have longer narrower blades, are great at cutting groups of threads in one snip, and excel at cutting the excess fabric away from the outside of the buttonhole stitches around the edges of a piece.  The longer blades mean fewer snips. 
  • The Dovo 3.5" Hardanger scissors have very thin, slightly shorter blades with more leverage, and are superb at cutting groups of threads in one snip for interior cutwork.

Really, that's all just spin to justify owning three pairs of really good scissors.

I like them all, I will use them all, and they make me happy.  The Dovo 4" will be my general embroidery scissors, for snipping thread tails and cutting around the outside of buttonhole stitches on hardanger pieces, with the Tres Claveles perhaps called into service for the tight interior corners in the stair-step buttonhole edges.  The Dovo Hardanger scissors will be reserved exclusively for interior cutwork.

So I now have a perhaps excessive number of scissors.  I am fully stocked and done acquiring these little gems.

But we loves them, my Precious, yessss.....

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Jayne said...

Thanks so much for the detailed comparison of the scissors. It's very helpful. :)