Thursday, May 14, 2015

So much pretty

I love my yard.

After renting for so many years, I am so happy to be able to GROW things and PLANT things.  I feel rooted!

And I love all the thrills of discovery as the established plantings in this particular yard pop up and bloom.

giant purple columbine
giant purple columbine
small purple double columbine
small double columbine


tall purple iris
purple standard iris


More purple columbines because they're just so amazingly pretty.

large purple columbine

And the last one for today, a plant that I bought because I saw it near the cash register in the greenhouse when I only went in to buy a couple herbs and it somehow got added to my total and it followed me home and it's not my fault really it was just so pretty. Ahem.

This is a Clematis texensis 'Princess Diana'.

Clematis texensis Princess Diana

Seriously, though, isn't that a splendid flower?!

Clematis texensis Princess Diana

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Anne said...

I had a wonderful clematis in my Baker yard, and always wanted one in the La Grande yard.... it is LOVELY! I bought rhododendrons and geraniums (oh and poppies and bleeding hearts) today. Tomorrow I'll be planting.