Thursday, July 23, 2015

More canning

I did three more test runs of the pressure canner over the past two days, just getting used to it.  Still no explosions!

Black beans, pinto beans, and carrots.

This is one batch with just black beans (8 pints), one batch with black beans (5 pints) and pinto beans (3 pints), and a partial batch of carrots (6 pint-and-a-half jars).  I could have fit in two more jars of carrots, but that was the end of the five pound bag.

You may notice that the center two rows have white lids rather than the normal metal kind.  Those are Tattler lids, and they are reusable!  I'm very excited about these, because I really hate that you have to throw out the traditional metal lids after only one use.  All the Tattler lids sealed perfectly, and I look forward to reusing them many, many times.

The Tattler lids are pricey to start with (about $10 per dozen) compared to traditional lids (about $3 per dozen), but after I use the Tattlers four times, they're free.

A 15-oz can of  plain, low-sodium, no-icky-additives black beans from my local grocery store costs $1.35 ($1.00 when they're on sale).

Dry black beans were $1.49 per pound, so the cost for one home-canned jar with a Tattler lid is $0.34 for the beans plus two hours of my time and running the stove on medium-low.  Plus, I think my jars have more actual beans in them than the store-bought cans.

I love saving money.

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Anne said...

Good job! I love a kitchen that looks like a production shop!!!