Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Garden 8.4.15

Now this is more like it- tonight we picked seven tomatoes!  Hooray! Also basil, cinnamon basil, and our second green bean harvest.  Three beans this time!

Seven tomatoes at once!

I'm so excited to get multiple tomatoes at once.  Emma and I each got THREE tomatoes of our OWN with dinner!  All to ourselves!  I told Emma we can split the seventh one for breakfast.  So, so yummy.

My favorite marigolds have put out another flush of blooms.  These barrels are so pretty.

Cheerful marigolds

The penstemon (red flowers) and coreopsis (pale yellow flowers in the back planter) are really filling in well.  The copeopsis is blooming like crazy, and while the penstemon has finished its main show, it does keep putting up small flower spikes.  The snapdragons and alyssum in the front barrel are blooming in pulses, and except for the alyssum in the very front, they're in a pretty bare phase right now.


More nasturtium flowers have opened, on a second plant.

Nasturtium and lemon verbena

And the stargazer lilies are about to bloom in the petunia planter.  I'm excited for these!

Petunias and stargazer lilies almost blooming

I took down the bean trellis on Sunday, since it seems that I planted bush beans rather than pole beans.  Oh well.  Next year I'll have a trellis covered with hanging beans.

I'm very disappointed in the packet of carrot seeds I got this year.  I've tried to plant carrots twice now, with very little germination.  The first time I got one sprout, and this time I got four.  Not sure what's up with that, other than a bad batch of seeds.

So I gave up on the carrots, and planted my pepper plants in the ground instead.

Beans and peppers

I had two three-plant pots of bell peppers that I rescued from the dead plant clearance aisle at Walmart.  They've been living in their pots on the deck, but I was having a really hard time keeping them watered enough- the pots just weren't big enough for three big plants, and it's been really hot.  So I removed them from the pots, separated the plants, and snuggled them into some real dirt.

The bean bed got three, and the cucumber bed got two, since I also put the Sungold cherry tomato and the stevia plant in with the cucumbers.  The stevia was originally up in the Cucumber Annex, but apparently deer have a sweet tooth.  The tips of the branches kept getting nibbled away and the plant wasn't growing at all.  I brought it back down to my yard a week or so ago and it's looking much bushier already.

The sixth pepper went back into a pot, but it's a larger pot and just one plant.  We'll see how it does with more room.

Cucumbers, peppers, Sungold tomato, stevia

Actually, the pot that's now a pepper pot was formerly the cucumber pot on the deck.  The cucumber was looking very sad (it's the one with the bright yellow leaves in the picture above).  I think it was too hot on the deck- it's looking a little better now that it's in the ground and mulched.

It's been a bit like musical chairs in my garden recently.  :-)

The deck planters are still pretty, still growing.  I've been harvesting and drying the thymes and mints, and they just keep bouncing back!

Herb garden

Here's the harvest from tonight: chocolate mint, basil, cinnamon basil, green beans, TOMATOES, calendula flowers, and super minty mint.  Yum!

Tomatoes, basil, cinnamon basil, three green beans, super minty mint, chocolate mint, and calendula flowers.


Rachel said...

I'm finding your wait for tomatoes amusing. I still struggle with the fact that back east, my dad's garden is basically done for the season when mine had barely produced anything yet. If one does the math, it's not exactly rocket science when you think about his plant date and ours...but still...annoying!

Wait until September and you'll have more tomatoes than you know what to do with!!

Anne said...

I finally got 7 tomatoes off my plants yesterday also. YEAH!!! Seems late to me, but probably not. I picked my first watermelon 2 days ago, but it was too early. Not sure how to tell when they are ripe! The corn is still iffy.... the ears are starting to form, but it will be interesting to see if they ripen before the end of the growing season. And the eggplants are starting to look good. Enjoy!