Saturday, August 22, 2015

Remedial tomato staking

Well, we got everything standing up pretty much straight again.  I added a couple more stakes set at strategic angles to provide some additional leverage to keep the heaviest plants upright, especially that one in the center of the front row.  It's a monster. 

In addition to the new stakes, I tied most of the existing stakes together to distribute the load better.  It's hard to see in this picture, but it's a web of twine on top of the plants.

Remedial staking accomplished. All laced together.

It seems pretty sturdy right now, but I guess time will tell.

The sucker that I stuck in the ground to replace the plant that just wasn't growing has well-developed fruit now.

The sucker is now bearing fruit.

And the biggest pruned, composted sucker that planted itself is now blooming.  This cracks me up.

The trimmings are blooming.

There are so many tomatoes in the Tomato Annex!

So many tomatoes!

In case you were wondering about the haziness of these pictures, well, some of that is inadvertent fuzziness because I was losing light and my phone didn't focus right.  The main part, though, is that's just what La Grande looks like these days.  There is SO much smoke from nearby wildfires.  None are close enough to threaten La Grande (the closest is about 35 miles away), and I am exceedingly aware of how lucky we are.  The entire region is blanketed with smoke, and dozens of families less than 80 miles from La Grande have lost homes.

I think this is the worst fire season for this immediate area since I've lived here.  Definitely the worst smoke I've ever seen in my town, and everything everywhere is tinder dry.  It's scary.  Please send thoughts for lots of rain but NO lightning.

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