Sunday, January 24, 2016

Big giant update of tiny little orchids

Hello hello! It's time for another orchid update! My sister gave me a gift certificate from one of my favorite orchid vendors for Christmas, and I had such fun spending it!

Between the gift certificate and a bit of my own funds (to make the shipping charge per orchid work out better, you understand...) I ended up getting six new plants.  I received them two weeks ago.

First up is Pleurothallis niveoglobula, a South American species from Ecuador and Columbia.  This is a bit bigger plant than I was expecting.  The flowers aren't showy, but the overall plant is very pretty.  I like the heart-shaped leaves.

Pleurothallis niveoglobula

It has miniscule white flowers that are carried above the leaves.  They remain globe-shaped and never open fully.  This plant was in bloom when it arrived, and hasn't stopped in the two weeks that I've had it.

Pleurothallis niveoglobula

Next up is Gastrochilus somai.  This originates from Taiwan, and I was thrilled that it also arrived in bud, with two spikes.  The flowers opened on January 12, and are still going strong.

Gastrochilus somai

So pretty!  This species is also fragrant, with a very pleasing lemony-citrus sweet floral scent.

Gastrochilus somai

The rest don't have flowers yet, but are nice healthy plants and are all showing new growth since I've had them.

This one is Amesiella philippensis, originally from the island of Luzon, in the Philippines (bet you never could have guess that, right?).  It will have relatively large, fragrant, white flowers with yellow throats.

Amesiella philippinensis

This is Masdevallia nicaraguae, native to Nicaragua (another obvious one!), and it will have triangular, tubular, white and pink fragrant flowers.

Masdevallia nicaraguae

This is Cirrhopetalum curtisii (also known as Bulbophyllum pulchellum and Bulbophyllum corolliferum), native to southeast Asia. If I can get it to bloom, it will have daisy-esque umbels of pink flowers.

Cirrhopetalum curtisii (Bulbophyllum pulchellum)

And last but not least, this one.  This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.  This is Bulbophyllum moniliforme, native to southeast Asia.

Bulbophyllum moniliforme

It looks like a string of peas; the "peas" are the pseudobulbs.  Apparently they each have a leaf when immature, but when each pseudobulb is done growing, the leaf falls off.  The triangular flowers will be bigger than the pseudobulbs, and striped with cream and burgundy.

I do so love small orchids.

Bulbophyllum moniliforme

The last orchid is Pleurothallis grobyi, native to Central and South America from Mexico to Brazil.  This particular one is a division of a plant from Mexico and will have sprays of tiny yellowish flowers.

This plant wasn't part of my Christmas order, I got it in early December with my second Lepanthes telipogoniflora.  It didn't do much for a several weeks, but right after we got back from Kansas I noticed that it had started two new leaves, the reddish ones visible toward the bottom.  New leaves are always good.

Pleurothallis grobyi

And to help me keep these beauties alive and happy, I got this today!  Emma and I went to Kennewick, Washington, for our annual ~~Girl's Weekend Out~~, and I saw this small terrarium on sale at PetSmart for 25% off.  I couldn't resist.

New terrarium for the mini orchids!

It's an ExoTerra 12x12x18 glass tank, and for now I just have a layer of Hydroton (expanded clay pellets) in there for drainage and humidity, and two pieces of wood.  The orchids will eventually be mounted to the wood and background, with moss and other cool plants added, but for now they're just in there hanging out and enjoying the humidity and brighter light.


Suz said...

Your orchids are wonderful... I especially love the Gastrochilus!

Len said...

I have a Pleurothallis niveoglobula, purchased it in May 2011. My luck with this little plant is running hot and cold. At the moment it has 13 leaves. Could you please tell me where you purchased your Gastrochilus somai?
Thank you

Sue said...

All these came from Andy's Orchids, in California (via the mail). I've been very happy with everything I've bought from him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sue!
Good luck with your Orchid collection