Saturday, February 27, 2016

Update on the glass globe terrarium

Time for an update on the glass globe terrarium I started last November, because exciting things are happening!

Glass globe terrarium, 2.27.16

As you can see, everything is growing well, including the sphagnum.  To be honest, I wasn't really sure that the sphagnum would do much, because it's not a tropical species and would probably prefer to be outside.  But I guess since I keep my house cool in the winter (Emma says frigid...) it's doing OK.  We'll see what happens in the summer.

Anyway, both orchids are doing well.  The Haraella retrocalla is enjoying its stick and has put out a new leaf and several roots.  And the Lepanthopsis astrophora?  Well, look!

Lepanthopsis astrophora, with two spikes!

Not super visible because it's so tiny, but there are two spikes!  Here's one,

Lepanthopsis asttophora spike

and here's the other!

Lepanthopsis astrophora spike

I didn't take a photo with a dime for scale, but the leaves are about half the size of my pinky nail and each spike is less than an inch long.

So exciting!

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Ron said...

Very well done. Like your choice of species, too.