Monday, March 07, 2016

Amaryllis round three, and a cactus

My third amaryllis of the year opened on Saturday.  This is the 2014 Red Lion (which was not Minerva) that put up two scapes for me this year.  I took this picture in the morning, and by the evening, all four flowers on this first scape were open!  So fast!  The second scape isn't too far behind, and will probably open in the next week or so.

First Red Lion bloom of the year.

And just as a random aside, I noticed yesterday that the Aphrodite Dancing Queen amaryllis from my last post is putting up a third scape!

I really like amaryllis.  They are so easy and put on such a great show.

And finally for today, here is a cactus blooming.  I don't get to see this very often!  No idea what the species name on this is, but I'm moderately sure the genus is Mammillaria.  Whatever it is, it's a cute little guy.

Cactus bloom!

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