Sunday, March 13, 2016


So..... I accidentally bought some more amaryllis bulbs.  I didn't tell you because I was embarrassed.

This is Benfica (the middle one with the tall scape, will have velvety dark red flowers) and Gervase (in front, not growing yet, will have splashy streaky red, pink, and white flowers).

The pot in the back is an elephant ear, which doesn't count because it's an outdoor plant that I'm just giving a head start.  It will go outside in May.  You can also see Emma's begonia here, very leggy and making a mess on the table.  It's been blooming and dropping flowers every day all winter. I can't wait until that one goes back outside.

Two new amaryllis and an elephant ear.

Two new amaryllis.  Not too bad, right?

Right, but then I got this in the mail yesterday.

New amaryllis.

There was an end-of-season sale.  Half price amaryllis.  Oops.

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