Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dancing Queen, round two

The second scape on my Dancing Queen amaryllis fully opened yesterday, and it's just as pretty as the first round.  This is such a glorious flower, and there is still a third scape to come!

Second scape of Dancing Queen amaryllis

When I posted about this bulb when the first scape opened, I mistakenly called it Aphrodite.  That was a reasonable thing to do, since Aphrodite was what I ordered.  However, after browsing pictures online, I realized that this was yet another mislabeled bulb.  It's actually Dancing Queen.  Aphrodite is similar but not as streaky and vibrant.

Doesn't matter to me, I really like it and didn't have one already.  But I wish the bulb growers and/or middle men and/or resellers would get their acts together and stop mixing up the varieties. Four of the six that have bloomed so far this year have been mislabels.

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