Saturday, May 21, 2016

A multitude of blooms

Amaryllis numbers ten and eleven have opened, and they are the same variety.

This is Gervase #1. Gervase is an interesting variety, because while the base flower color is pink with dark pink streaks, there are solid red stripes that show up in random areas and in random widths on each individual flower.

Gervase amaryllis #1

This bulb has two scapes completely open right now, with four flowers per scape. The scapes are slightly different heights, so it makes a really nice display.  And there's a third scape coming along!

Gervase amaryllis #1

This is Gervase #2.  This bulb has a darker pink base color, and more prominent and numerous red stripes.

Gervase amaryllis #2

It also has two scapes open at the same time, but they are nearly the same height and the flowers are really crowded together, to the point that some of them couldn't even open fully.  It's still really pretty, though.

Gervase amaryllis #2

Hopefully next year the scapes will be staggered so they don't all open at once.  Not only does it make a better presentation, it extends the bloom season!

So those are the two new ones to open.  I also have a couple others in full bloom at the moment.  This is the second scape on the Red Pearl, with four gorgeous big flowers.  A third scape is still waiting in the wings.

Red Pearl amaryllis second scape in full bloom

And this is Temptation.  I love this variety!  Two scapes, nine flowers.  This is definitely a favorite.

Temptation amaryllis

Temptation amaryllis closeup

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