Sunday, May 15, 2016

Amaryllis Eight and Nine

The eighth and ninth amaryllis of the year have opened, yay!

This one is Purple Rain.  I'm not sure what the breeder was thinking when they named it. It should have been called Fuchsia Rain or Rose Rain.  This is definitely not purple, but whatever.  It's really pretty.

Purple Rain amaryllis

And this one is Temptation.  I love it.  It looks like it's been painted,with all that feathery shading.  I also like the more pointed petals.  It's quite distinctive looking.

Temptation amaryllis


Rachel said...

Wow -- both of those are incredibly pretty. You may have convinced me to have some of these when I'm done my fieldwork (although I always thought these bloomed during xmas...apparently I'm wrong!). I love the very distinct veining on each petal of the top one...feel like that would be a beautiful color picture or painted embroidery piece (speaking should check out my pins of late and see that I have fallen into a Sue-like crafting obsession). ;)

Anne said...

Very nice!!! Rachel I have seen your latest obsession... can't wait to see your work... and by the way, I am unable to post comments on your blog Rachel.... :-(