Friday, July 22, 2016

Cherry harvest 2016

As in previous years, I rented (sponsored? adopted?) a couple cherry trees over in Cove.  I have two trees in my name, because for the past couple years, my original tree hasn't produced very well.  Last year, I got a total of 65 pounds of cherries off the two trees combined.

This year, I got 138 pounds of cherries off the same two trees!  Wow!

I gave away 20 pounds to Emma's friend who came to help us pick, and kept the rest for us.  I dehydrated most of them (80 pounds, turned into 10 quarts), used about 10 pounds to make 4 quarts of juice, and put the rest in the freezer.

Part of the 2016 cherry haul

The cherry pitter earned its keep again, as did the steam juicer.  At least one quart of that juice is destined to become a batch of cherry jelly.  I've never made cherry jelly before- cherry jam, yes, but not jelly.  The steam juicer is a fabulous thing.

It's a lot of work to pick and pit them all, but I love having organic cherries on hand.

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Anne said...

Nice job. I miss those wonderful cherries!