Sunday, September 04, 2016

Expanding the quilt

I decided that the green and blue jelly roll race quilt isn't quite big enough to be useful for the adult-sized people we have in this house, so I made some stars today.

Ribbon Star quilt block

This block is called a Ribbon Star.  I found it on YouTube, and it's so fun to make!  It's entirely made from 2.5" inch strips, so I opened another pack of the same fabrics that I used for the jelly roll section, plus some white strips left over from Emma's quilt top. 

Expanding the jelly roll race quilt top with ribbon star quilt blocks

I did up six stars today, three that spin to the right and three that spin to the left.  My initial plan was to put three on each end, alternating left and right as shown in this picture, with a wide white and colored sashing in between.

However, now that I have it laid out, I'm not sure about the alternating.  Maybe it would be better to have the top row all spin one way and the bottom row all spin the other?  And maybe also use four blocks in a row instead of three, with narrower sashing?

maybe four stars instead of three?

Any thoughts?


Rachel said...

So you may be done with this now but my vote would be the 4 stars on top and bottom rather than 3. It seems more balanced...but then again, I am a bit OCD so... That said, weirdly, the alternating star directions appeals to me more than having them all the same. My 2 cents...

I love this by the way... I knew you could sew but had no idea you had the skills to just piece together a quilt in two nights. Impressive woman.

Anne said...

I'm with Rachel.n the four stars on each end feels more balanced. I don't have an opinion about the direction they go. Beautiful.... I'm not going to, but this makes me want to make a quilt🙄