Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Spinzilla Day 2

Well, here's all I've got for today.  That's 4.1 oz of merino and the second half (1.5 oz) of the BamHuey. Pitiful.

Spinzilla Day 2

I had great plans for today.  I got half an hour in when I was home for lunch, but then things went off the rails when I had an unexpected trip to Walla Walla and back after work.  That was almost four hours wasted.

So it ended up that I only had three hours to spin this evening.  And now it's almost midnight and I have to be responsible and go to bed.  Meh.

I need to get serious tomorrow.


Rachel said...

yeah but holy cow, those are gorgeous and perfect. Hope the walla walla trip wasn't related to something serious (is critter okay?)... Today will be better! ;)

Mary said...