Monday, October 03, 2016

Spinzilla Day 1

Spinzilla got off to a pretty good start.

Spinzilla Day 1:  7.8 oz merino, 1.5 oz BamHuey merino/bamboo

That's 7.8 oz of merino and half a wheel (1.5 oz) of BamHuey "Calm Waters" (60% merino, 40% bamboo).  Not as many ounces as I had hoped for today, but the singles are all pretty fine.

It's now about 11:30 pm. I feel like I could spin for another four hours, but alas, I have to go to work tomorrow.

I do so love to spin long draw.

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Mary said...

I've missed your posts on spinning. I'd love to read anything and everything you have to say about spinning.

I'm self taught and not terribly good at spinning but I recognize gorgeous singles when I see them. I say I'm not very good because I'm knitting socks with my spinning and they look wonky!!