Sunday, January 22, 2017

I couldn't help it.

I was at the store and there were plants and they were so pretty and it just followed me home and it's not my fault and really it's OK because it's winter and we all need color in winter.

Oncidium Twinkle 'Sunlight'.

Oncidium Twinkle 'Sunlight'

This is another Oncidium Twinkle variety, like the white one I posted a little while back.

Orchid crosses are funny things.  Because this has the same grex name (Twinkle) you know that this plant has the same heritage as my white version.  Both are the offspring of crossing the species Oncidium sotoanum (which is pink) and Oncidium cheirophorum (which is yellow).  Any crossing of any two individuals of these species by anyone anywhere in the world will result in plants named Twinkle.  However, because of natural variation, a wide variety of colors can result.  There are Twinkles that are white, yellow, pink, and red. 

The cultivar names ('Sunlight' and 'Fantasy' in the case of my two plants) are how particular individual plants are distinguished.  Once a clone has been identified and named, only it and it's vegetatively propagated offspring can carry that name.  Therefore, every Oncidium Twinkle 'Sunlight' on the planet can traced back to one particular plant, which has been subsequently divided or mericloned.

Anyway, I've wanted a yellow Twinkle for a long time.  They're so cheerful!  When I saw this one I had to get it, even though the blooms are fully open and the display won't last super long.  It'll bloom again.

This is a well established plant, too, with six spikes! Like the white one, it's very fragrant.  This yellow one doesn't smell like chocolate at all, though.  This one smells like fruity vanilla.  I love it.

Oncidium Twinkle 'Sunlight'

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Rachel said...

um...2 questions. where did you get this beauty and is it something i could have given my schedule (meaning low maintenance so as not to drive you crazy with intensive care at both house)?? ;)

we all deal with stress in our own way. yours is healthier than mine!