Monday, February 27, 2017

Spring in Eastern Oregon

Well, the springy weather was nice while it lasted.

Snow again

We got four inches of snow last night.  A lot of it has already melted, changeable eastern Oregon weather being what it is this time of year.

The chickadees were hopping around the carport this morning, and left so many sweet little trails in the skiff of snow that had blown in from the deck

Chickadee tracks in the dusting under the carport.


Anne said...

It's been snowing here the last couple days, but not much accumulation. It has to stop sometime! At least the days are noticeably longer!

Florence said...

wow,,,,your plants and cacti are all amazing,,,,i thought maybe you had a greenhouse, but it looks like you do not,,,,,,wowwww,,,loved all your flowers, you have the green thumb of many, lol