Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Standing up

I have been a citizen of this country for just shy of 46 years and have never before made a call, written a letter, or emailed one of my elected representatives.

Until this past month.

The whole political quagmire of this election cycle, its outcome, and the actions of that man and his circle over the past three weeks just makes me so angry and frustrated and incredulous and afraid that I did it.  I called all my state officials, I called the president's office, I called the leaders of Congress.  I talked to staffers, I left messages, and sent emails.

I did it multiple times, I called about multiple issues. The first time was the hardest, but I did it and it got easier.

There are so many things going off the rails right now, or at least trending that way.  How can tossing all ethical and moral behavior to the four winds, defunding education, turning our backs on science, dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency, wantonly provoking the rest of the world, and all the rest possibly make America great again?

I still don't like politics, but I can't stay silent.

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