Saturday, April 29, 2017

Three amaryllis

I had three amaryllis open yesterday.

First up is Red Lion 2008, the same bulb that kicked off the 2016/2017 flowering season for me in September so this is its second scape for the season.  This bulb has very orangish-leaning tendencies, especially when my eyes are used to looking at all the dark true reds I've had blooming recently.

Red Lion 2008

Next up is #25 for the year, my second Magical Touch to bloom.  One of the places I ordered from last fall only sells their bulbs in bundles of three, so that's why I have multiples of some varieties.  I may be selling and/or trading the extras in the future, since I don't really have room for so many. This Magical Touch bloomed out nicely.  Love that raspberry red with the white picotee edge.

Magical Touch #2

Last up is #26, which is unfortunately another mislabel.  It was supposed to be Flamenco Queen, but is Samba.  Sigh.

Samba #2 - Not Flamenco Queen!

This is from the same company that I got the mislabeled Hercules and Ambiance from as well.  I ordered six bulbs from them, and three of the five that have bloomed so far are wrong.  Will the last one bloom correctly and hold the mislabel rate to 50%?  Time will tell.  Either way, whether it's half or two thirds, I'm not impressed.

It's still a pretty flower, though.

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