Monday, May 15, 2017

A tiny orchid

One of my tinier orchids is blooming now, Specklinia grobyi, formerly known as Pleurothallis grobyi.  I actually have two plants of this species, from different sources.  This one is from Andy's Orchids, and has a much paler flower than the one I got from Ecuagenera, which bloomed last fall.

Specklinia (Pleurothallis) grobyi

They are so tiny and delicate, and now looking at the pictures on my computer, I see that I broke a flower while photographing!  Boo!

Specklinia (Pleurothallis) grobyi

Each flower is about 8 mm long (less than 3/8 inch), on a six-inch spike. The reddish thread right above my finger in the last picture is the base of the spike.

The whole plant is such a tidy little package.

Specklinia (Pleurothallis) grobyi

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