Monday, May 29, 2017

Four new and a repeat

I have a plethora of amaryllis blooms to show today, although not too much variety.  The first four are new bulbs for me this year, and the last is a repeat.

If you're keeping track, these are Amaryllis #31, #32, #33, #34, and #35 for the year.

This is is Black Pearl #2,

Black Pearl #2

and Black Pearl #3.

Black Pearl #3

Very pretty, and so dark that my phone has a really hard time capturing the color.

Next is Magical Touch #2, which is kind of wonky because there were two scapes that bloomed out at the same time, and the eight flowers were really crowded.

Magical Touch #2

And Magical Touch #3, much more symmetrical.

Magical Touch #3

Last up is Red Lion 2011, a repeat bloomer. This one hasn't bloomed since 2013, so hooray for you, bulb!

Red Lion 2011

So those are new bloomers for the past little while. 

4 new bloomers and 1 repeat

Amaryllis are so pretty.

I still have a bunch of flowers open on second and third scapes for bulbs that I've previously shown, seven scapes still developing, and a few bulbs that still aren't showing signs of flowering this year. I'm thinking that this show will go into July!

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