Saturday, June 10, 2017

Phal rebloom times two

I have two more Phalaenopsis blooming today, and both are rebloomers, hooray!  I love it when plants rebloom under my care.

Phal. Chingruey's Goldstaff

These are both Phal. Chingruey's Goldstaff.  I got the one in the terracotta pot last June, and the one in the white pot in August (for half off because one of the leaves is damaged and the flowers were finished).

Both grew two new leaves over the winter, and are reblooming on their original spikes, which have sent out quite a few new buds over the past couple months.

Phal. Chingruey's Goldstaff

So pretty, and this variety is fragrant on sunny afternoons.  Lemony-minty, which sounds weird but is nice.

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