Thursday, June 15, 2017

Progress on the hardanger curtain

Well, my time is ticking away on the countdown to the County Fair, so I need to get this curtain done if I want to enter it this year.  I've made good progress over the past week.

hardanger curtain

I finally, FINALLY finished all the eyelets in the row of stacked diamonds.  Whew.

All that's left for the embroidery part is to go around the side and top edges with a row of buttonhole stitches (and possibly kloster blocks and eyelets, we'll see how I do on time).

hardanger curtain

Then, on to the cutting and weaving!  My favorite!

hardanger curtain

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Rachel said...

I owe you an email. Knock on wood but life may be settling for a few weeks. In the meantime, I was thinking today about your curtain for some reason and realized I had not visited your space in forever. This is looking so amazing!! Hope you get it done in time to win a big prize this summer!