Sunday, June 25, 2017

Tiny bouquet

From the big Zygolum flowers yesterday, to tiny flowers today.  This is Schoenorchis fragrans, a species native to India, Myanmar, Thailand, and China.

I got this one at the orchid show in Portland in April, and it had little nubs of bloom spikes barely visible between the leaves.  Now each of the three spikes has nine buds/flowers just starting to open.

Schoenorchis fragrans

It's so tiny, so very tiny.  The whole plant is just over an inch across, and each flower is about 1/8 inch high.

Schoenorchis fragrans

As the name suggests, this is fragrant.  Not strongly so, but if you hold it close it's a light sweet floral fragrance that also reminds me of something fruity like freshly peeled green grapes.

Schoenorchis fragrans

Tiny plants make my heart sing.

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