Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My third Masdevallia

Guess what!  I have successfully bloomed another Masdevallia orchid!

Masdevallia Maui Lollipop

This is Masdevallia Maui Lollipop, a hybrid between Masd. Angel Frost and Masd. mendozae. I got this plant in the fall of 2015, and it's been a good grower, especially considering I have it in my north-facing bathroom.  I expect if I found it a sunnier spot it would flower better.

Masdevallia Maui Lollipop

It has such cool tubular flowers.  This one isn't as bright orange as some I've seen pictured, but it's very pretty. This particular flower is a little wonky because it got stuck behind a leaf as it was developing, and I didn't rescue it in time.  Normally they are held slightly taller than the leaves.

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